Common Practices to Increase Referral Entries


By Chamal Rathnayaka

updated almost 2 years ago

The BEST way to get the most points in a giveaway is by referring more people.


  • You'll get most points when someone signs up through your referral link
  • You will get points instantly
  • There's no limit! 

Ex: If you'd receive 20 entries for each referral and 10 people signed up through your referral link, that gives you instant 200 entries. (that is 200 winning chances)

Here are common practices to follow to increase your referral entries.

  1. Share your referral link on social networks daily.
  2. Invite your friends via Text and social messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram.
  3. Write a blog post and publish on your blog. (or create a free blog at Medium, BlogSpot or Tumblr)
  4. Share details about the giveaway on your circle, group, community and forum members.
  5. Send an email about the giveaway with your friends.
  6. Make a video and publish on YouTube, Video, etc.
  7. Partner with your friend(s) and share your referral link among more people.

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